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Wintertime finds me finalizing all of the hard work I have done throughout the year and putting the final touches on the calls before I put them in a package ready for sale.  Mouth calls require cutting and taping.    Wooden calls require checking wood grain and checking moisture content before final assembly.  I use air dried Missouri Walnut for all of my calls because I feel sound resonates better through the wood when air dried.  Once the Ozark Hen box calls and Ozark Ridge push buttons are assembled, I allow a minimum of two weeks drying time before I give them a final tune up before they are sold.  For the Ozark Hen box call, I take extra care because due to the characteristics of wood, some just won’t make the sound I’m looking for and I won’t let them out the door until they pass my inspection.  I will change paddles until I get the sound I want.  I really focus on getting that perfect musical rasp on all my wooden calls.  The True Hen Raspy Slate call requires the most tuning and involves calling on each call and matching the call with the perfect striker.  Very slight variations in weight and configuration of each striker make each one unique; and we match the perfect striker with each call.  I always sand the slate in the sweet spot so they are ready to take to the woods as soon as the package is opened.  Usually a slate call takes about 3 weeks to completely cure after it is glued.  In addition to perfect musical rasp and tone, my slates don’t echo or squeak like many of other slate calls.  I also do sound checks by recording and listening to them in the woods and hunting scenarios.  Well you can see I am very busy guy in the winter getting ready for the rush of spring selling season and I just wanted to remind all of our customers and friends how seriously I take this business.  I’m proud of this company and proud to make some of the best sounding turkey calls on the market today.  Thank you for your business and I look forward to making you a call this season.

Billy Green