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I got your call late last night when I got home. I opened it up and it works great it is very raspy and I like that . It sounds like an old hen and around here thats …

Billy and Kevin,
Thanks for the mouth calls,  I had a great season.  The Pro V
works great.  I am looking forward to next season.  Michael

“After 37 years of turkey hunting and several dozen different calls, I have learned to trust Ozark Ridge Calls above all others for getting the job done.  I can’t even begin to count up the number of gobblers …

The True Hen Raspy Slate is the best sounding slate call on the market.


I have been using Ozark Ridge Calls for many years and they are unmatched in tone and quality. You can’t duplicate hand made calls like Ozark Ridge Calls with mass produced calls made by other call companys.


Ozark Ridge Calls are rockn awesome!!!